A heap of broken images where the sun beats

A residency and cultural exchange between artists from Greece and Los Angeles. Installed in the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts in Paros Greece. Curated by Alison Woods and Dimitra Skandali. 

Exibiting artists: Carlos Beltran Arechiga, Anastasios Babatzias, Jorin Bossen, Gul CaginJennifer Celio, Foteini Diella, Dani DodgeKio GriffithJenny Hager, Dimitris Katsoudas, David LeapmanAlanna MarcellettiStella MeletopoulouAliki Pappa, Despina Nissiriou, Max PresneillNikos SepetzoglouFran Siegel, Dimitra Skandali, David Spanbock, Eleni TziwrtziElli Velliou, and Alison Woods.







In the stillness between two waves of the sea


An exchange between artists from Greece and California, creating a dialogue between these seemingly disparate cultures. Like a cartography of places and approaches, this exhibition maps points of coexistence among chaotic global politics.

Exibiting artists: Natasa Biza, Kio Griffith, Nancy Ivanhoe, Dimitris Katsoudas, Despina Nissiriou, Aliki Pappa, Ty Pownall, Nikos Sepetzoglou, Fran Siegel, Dimitra Skandali, Valerie Wilcox, and Alison Woods.






How do we know when a new world paradigm is in the works. What marks the transition, and how do we know when it is time to fight or to take flight? 


With the election of Donald Trump, Brexit, mass immigration of Syrian refugees, and impending climate change the world seems to be on the brink of sudden and transformative change. The rising global power of the 1% at the expense of the 99% leaves the world’s populations feeling helpless to redirect the course of a world perceived as spinning out of control. 


What is possible within this context? We have posed this question to the artists participating in this exhibition. The offspring is Futopia, a crude hybridization of possible futures, both utopic and dystopic. 

Exhibiting Artists: Gul Cagin, Helen Chung, Eben Goff, Pete Hickok, Bryan Ida, Ma Li , Alanna Marcelletti, Alex Schaefer, and Lena Kazakova Wolek


Colab III at the Torrance Art Museum

An international, emerging artists collaborative project which presents 8 artist-run gallery / spaces in LA partnering with 8 artist-run spaces in Berlin - 16 spaces create 8 joint curatorial projects featuring 76 artists. 

Exhibiting Artists: Juan Arata, Nina Lehtonen-Braun, Gul Cagin, Ellen DeElaine, Dani Dodge, Andy Holtin, Ben Jackel, Mike MacKeldey, Ty Pownell, Samantha Sethi, Hannah Van Ginkel, Daniel Wiesenfeld, Valerie Wilcox and Alison Woods