Big Science

Site Specific Installation

acrylic on canvas, paper, balloons,

tape and video projections


The installations of Ali Woods are a striving for harmony and common ground among disparate materials almost under oath to not cooperate with each other. There is tension among everything, and yet a unified containment is already in order. A strange sameness exists in each ingredient because of the strength of the components against which they are fundamentally clashing. In this regard, her installation work delivers a visual meditation on paradox as a thing enjoyable as it is inescapable.


72 x 96 inches

back lit film installed in window

Phoenix Hotel, San Francisco


City of Gold

Residency Project

gold paint on found objects, grow lights

and digital projections

Hangmen Projects, Stockholm



"Tell them when I die,

  put my money in the grave"

- Drake

City of Gold  

Weighing of the Souls

Residency Project

mixed media on paper and trash,

acrylic on canvas

Aegean Center for the Arts,

Paros, Greece


Weighing of the Souls


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