"Woods' paintings locate themselves both in front of and also beyond the realm of the metaclysmic, simultaneously containing, synthesizing and exploding it. As such, they make the dream of an invisible world delightfully real"                                                                                read more...


–Mark Van Proyen

"Woods is a painter's painter. Her work consists primarily of paintings and installations that involve paintings. Her work explores the relationship between scale and the human body, between size and perception, and between sensorial conditions and the psychology of our complex cultural associations of what painting could be."                                                                    read more...


–Ginger Wolfe Suarez


Figura: Micro Macro Offers Stunning Art from Luxembourg and the U.S


Memorable Art Events of 2018 Art and Cake:

In the stillness between two waves of the sea


In the Stillness Between Two Waves of the Sea:

A Group show at Durden and Ray

Art and Cake

June 25,2018


Art as Poetry “In the Stillness Between Two Waves of the Sea”

Diversions LA

June 22, 2018


Co/Lab III at the Torrance Art Museum

Art and Cake

April 18, 2018



How Donald Trump presidency is fueling political art

Los Angeles Daily News

January 19, 2017


"Shift and Fade: Ecstatic Art Adventures at BLAM"

Diversions LA

October 21, 2016


"Material, Metaphor and the Artist’s History on Display at BLAM Los Angeles"

Art and Cake

October 20, 2016 


Equal Representation for All


April 23rd, 2016




Durden and Ray

1206 Maple Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90015

February 6 - 29 2020

Opening February 6, 7-10 pm



Bucareli 80

Colonia Centro

Mexico City, Mexico

February 6 - 09, 2020

Spring / Break Art Show

Narrows Alley Building 3

757 South Alameda Street

Los Angeles CA

First look  Feb 14, 11 - 4 pm

Opening Feb 14, 4 - 9 pm

Saturday Feb 15, 11 - 9 pm

Sunday Feb 16, 11 - 7 pm


















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