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Upcoming Exhibits



Aug 19 - Sept 15, 2023



Abstraction in the Virtual Age 


solo exhibition

Gallery 825

Los Angeles CA


Sept, 2023

/the butterfly effect

curator and concept design by Kostas Prapoglou

textile manufacturing facility 'Butterfly'

Athens Greece

Critical Reviews


Three Solo Shows Shine at LAAA Gallery 825, Diversions LA, Genie Davis, August 21, 2023


Meet Alison Woods

CanvasRebel, Artist Interview May 24, 2023


Nomad Traverses RealmsDiversions LA, by Genie Davis, September 14, 2021

Meet Alison (Ali) Woods | Fine Artist & Accidental Curator, ShoutOut LA, Artist Interview, June 24, 2021

Meet Alison Woods, Voyage LA, Artist Interview, July 6, 2020


An Exhibition Across Los Angeles Takes on New Meanings in Times of Protest, Hyperallergic, by Jennifer Remenchik, June 11, 2020

Review: Miss seeing art? 100 artists come to the rescue with work in public view across L.A., LA Times, by Christopher Knight, May 22, 2020

The Vista at Durden and Ray, Art and Cake, by Lorraine Heitzman, February 20, 2020

​Spring/Break Art Fair's Los Angeles Excess, LA Weekly, by Shana Nys Dambrot, February 15, 2020

Exposition collective: Histoire(s) de perspective(s), Woxx Luxembourg, by Luc Caregari, September 12, 2019

​Figura: Micro Macro Offers Stunning Art from Luxembourg and the U.S, Art and Cake, by Genie Davis, August 23, 2019

​Memorable Art Events of 2018 Art and Cake: In the stillness between two waves of the sea, Art and Cake, December 31, 2018


​In the Stillness Between Two Waves of the Sea: A Group show at Durden and RayArt and Cake, by Patrick Quinn, June 25, 2018

Art as Poetry “In the Stillness Between Two Waves of the Sea,” Diversions LA, by Genie Davis, June 22, 2018

Co/Lab III at the Torrance Art Museum, Art and Cake, by Genie Davis, April 18, 2018

How Donald Trump presidency is fueling political art, Los Angeles Daily News, by Sandra Barrera, January 19, 2017​

​"Shift and Fade: Ecstatic Art Adventures at BLAM," Diversions LA, by Genie Davis, October 21, 2016

"Material, Metaphor and the Artist’s History on Display at BLAM Los Angeles," Art and Cake, Lorraine Heitzman, October 20, 2016

Equal Representation for All, AEQAI, by Anise Stevens, April 23, 2016

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ShoutOut LA

Meet Alison (Ali) Woods, Fine Artist & Accidental Curator

Alison Woods Ali Woods artist absctract painter sculpture curating  Art Trends         Artist of the Year installations  Modern artist comtemporay artist  exhibited Internationally  California, USA

Voyage LA

Meet Alison Woods

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